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“Private palace” Necessary—-Marble Columns

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“Private palace” Necessary—-Marble Columns

In ancient times, there were many beautiful palaces. Sometimes we thought it would be better if we lived in the past, but with the development of artist residences, we can bring these beautiful buildings into our homes and make our home a beautiful one. Private palace. The necessary architectural elements of the “private palace” are marble columns.

pillar history

Marble pillars originated in ancient Europe. Pillars are integral architectural elements that help support additional weight and ceiling span. They can increase the space inside the building, or even just add a sense of beauty to the building. It has a long history and civilization. All important civilizations of the Near East and the Mediterranean Iron Age used cylinders. Later, in ancient Egyptian architecture, the surface carved stone pillars were used. The stone pillars were decorated with carved and painted hieroglyphs, characters, ritual images, and natural themes. Later, the ancient Greeks and Romans combined stone pillars with decorative reliefs and paintings on the exterior walls. In the Middle Ages, more flexible forms were adopted in Byzantine and Romanesque architecture, the capital often used various types of leaf decoration, while in Western scenes, relief sculptures were used to sculpt figures. Renaissance architecture was keen on Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical styles. It can be seen that the development of stone pillars is constantly merging and refined. Next, we introduce a few marble pillars that we are making recently.

1. Outdoor Large Size White Marble Pillar

Simplicity is the ultimate nature. This white marble column is cylindrical, with a smooth surface with a hint of off-white, giving a warm tone. The square platform above supports the top building with simple patterns carved on it like The books are spread down like a scroll. There are some simple tricks to make the pillars look noble and modern. The size of each column has been carefully calculated to ensure the safety and beauty of the application in the building.

modern pillar sculpture

2. Fresh and retro Color Marble Columns

This type of marble column adopts fresh colors, not heavy ink and color, but close to natural colors. For example, this pale green marble column is the color of spring, with a crystal clear feeling. The ribs on the top elongate the column. Height, there is a three-dimensional circle of green leaves on it. Makes the objects accepted above more natural. This orange-pink stone pillar pattern is mottled, avoiding singleness, which is the natural charm of marble. Its circle is still entwined with flower vines, retro and elegant. Bring the space closer to nature itself.

pink marble door gate columns

3. Marble art nouveau Pillar with women statues

In addition to the simple style marble columns, there is also this kind of three-dimensional marble columns that incorporate Western aesthetic art sculptures. This medium-sized marble column is suitable for decoration in small spaces. There are three-dimensional sculptures on it, but it does not feel messy. On this marble, the column is blooming flowers. The main body is a graceful woman with one hand resting on her chin and wearing a beautiful dress. Holding the fruit in her hand, and stepping on the waves with her feet, this image makes this marble column architectural element a part of the space, a beautiful existence. Every detail of this sculpture, whether it is the Western beauty incorporated in the sculpture of a woman, the grasp of the proportion of the woman’s figure, or the expression of the woman’s expression, is handled perfectly.

pair of pillar statue

Each marble column has a different style. The use of marble columns in home design is a fashionable trend, bringing the atmosphere you are looking for to any space. Custom marble pillars also need to determine the placement area, such as placing two marble pillars on both sides of your entrance to create height and size for your space. You can choose classic columns to make them part of the wall. The patterned column will also create a dreamy European atmosphere for your home. You can also customize small marble pillars in the wardrobe, entrance, or spacious living room to fill this stylish space and create an elegant and beautiful atmosphere. Aongking Sculpture has superb and professional marble carving craftsmanship, providing more choices of different styles, actuarial size, focusing on carving, creating unlimited possibilities for every empty space of you. Choose a design you like and let Aongking sculpture create your “private palace” for you.

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