Just because a statue looks classic doesn’t mean it has to be traditional. Sculpture art in the long history has been passed down to the present, and it has not lost too much of the essence of artistic feelings but has been integrated into modern homes with a brand-new attitude. It is no exaggeration to say that a bust sculpture can change the style of a room. If the life of each bust is a drama, then as long as we add a little bit of whimsy to place these statues in the right position, they can almost make us feel the breath of life. If you want to choose a suitable bust sculpture for your home, the Aongking sculpture will have a professional aesthetic and professional carving craftsmanship to tailor a bust sculpture with the most sentimentality for your home.

marble bust
marble bust

Since ancient times, the bust has been a popular life-size portrait sculpture. The bust sculpture is a portrait sculpture that represents the upper part of the human body, depicting a person’s head and neck, as well as the variable parts of the chest and shoulders. Busts are usually portraits used to record personal appearances. The reason why ancient Roman art busts can be passed down from generation to generation is self-evident. We would like to introduce you to this unique art in modern times. Application, make you feel the modern charm of the marble bust.

1. Roman figure marble bust for garden

The brilliance of ancient Roman art lies in the exquisiteness and exquisiteness in the majestic grandeur. The generals and soldiers of Roman figures emerge in an endless stream. They put on armors for the country and the territory to kill the enemy. Their achievements are worthy of commemoration. And the bust is like a very direct way. These works are usually supported by a base. Each character is wearing a different style of armor, some are gray cloaks, and some are exquisitely carved armors, on which are also engraved with the head of Medusa the snake demon in Greek mythology, which is encouragement and honor to the soldiers. Our marble carvings give them different looks and different ages so that we can feel the vicissitudes and honors they have experienced just from the sculptures. Marble is really a magical material, and every color shows inviolable beauty. The bust of this kind of Roman figure is retro, and the atmosphere of justice makes them very suitable to be placed in your outdoor garden.

roman figure

2. Marble Buddha bust statue

Some people pursue spiritual tranquility in the family space. In order to feel calm, they can choose the marble head of the Buddha. Each marble Buddha head is carved white and flawless, with large earlobes, slightly closed eyes, and slightly raised. At the corner of the lips, you can place it above the fireplace, or let it sit quietly on a low wooden bench with a pile of books. If you have a Moroccan carpet in your home, it will match even better. The Buddha’s head will make your home quieter and have unexpected qualities.

buddha garden

3. Art marble figure bust Lamp base

woman lamp bust

The bust does not have to be beautiful, but it must have a soul. It can blend into your life naturally and get along with other objects in your home. The sculpture in human form represents a kind of energy that you will add to space. These bright marble busts, each lamp creates a different atmosphere in different rooms. The feminine bust is soft and beautiful, and the quiet atmosphere is suitable for girls. The abstract face bust is based on novel materials and is suitable for innovation. The artist, in the home of quirky people. Believe me, the charm of the marble material under the lamp is no less than that under the natural light.

4. Marble figure bust Flower vase

In this era of pursuing nature, who doesn’t love flowers? Plants are the intuitive embodiment of vitality. In the garden, do you lack a creative flower pot? Should you decorate an empty indoor table with some flowers? The whiteness of marble, no matter what kind of plant color is matched, can better set off its vitality. We have all kinds of busts of characters, enough to show the beauty of your flowers and plants. Is it a quiet girl or a classic man?

art woman marble pot

5. Modern Fashion Figure Marble bust

modern lady

Bust art has developed into today’s society, and more and more people customize marble busts to portray their favorite person or their appearance. This kind of art full of commemorative value can be used as a gift, and it can also bring a sense of ritual to the family. Your study, your living room, as long as a marble bust, it will be less monotonous. No matter whose statue you want to customize, whether you want a mottled beige texture or a white and flawless smooth touch, we will tailor it for you.

In addition, there are many other forms of expression of the marble bust of the character, such as the wall decoration of the marble bust, the fountain of the marble bust, the base of the marble bust of the coffee table, and so on. . .Incorporating bust sculptures into home decoration is our goal. It is not just the making of an object, we will carve your emotions into this work of art with our understanding of this character. The marble bust not only represents an artistic aesthetic but also endows humanity in a way that more abstract sculptures cannot give. The creation of each character is a touch.