What kind of black marble does Aongking use to make sculptures? Different uses?

Black Marble, Black Granite, these black stones are popular internationally. Black granite is used for tomb angel Black marble statues. It can show a sense of solemnity. Some products are also used for flower pot carving, and slightly patterned black marble is used for large abstract Black marble statues. It can also be used as interior walls and furniture in villas, and sculptures in churches.
The main materials of black marble are black and white roots, Fangshan black, Zhangqiu black, crystal black jade, and so on. These materials are hard, wear-resistant, non-permeable, and have a warm luster. It has a noble, elegant and luxurious decoration effect. It is widely used in the field of construction and decoration. Suitable for interior and exterior wall murals, floor decoration, fountains, figure bust black statues, etc.
Then there are limestone, calcite, limestone, serpentine, and dolomite. Its main component is mainly carbon calcium. The calcium content accounts for more than 50%. Others include carbon magnesium, calcium oxide, manganese oxide, and silicon dioxide. Suitable for making black marble statues of large animals, etc.

black marble
black marble

What are the differences between natural black marble and artificial marble? Advantages and disadvantages?

Artificial marble:
Advantages-The mixing ratio of artificial marble is controllable. The color pattern is basically controllable. Its processing and shaping are controllable and environmentally friendly, and its anti-permeability is slightly better than natural marble.
Disadvantages-Artificial marble is filled with natural marble or granite crushed stone, and cement, gypsum, and unsaturated polyester resin are used as adhesives. It is made after stirring, forming, grinding, and polishing. The transparency of artificial marble is not good, and the black marble statue produced has no luster.

Natural marble:
Advantages-non-renewable resources. Colors and lines are formed naturally. After carving, it can contrast with the sculpture works. The black marble statue has the beauty of natural art.
Disadvantages-With tiny cracks, the color of the pattern is uncontrollable.

Advantages of Aongking marble sculpture

When buying a black marble statue or decoration at AongKing, we can guarantee that the stone is of high quality. Our artists have many years of experience in stone and are familiar with every pattern and texture. The artist will choose the appropriate black marble according to the gloss and shape that the black marble statue needs to show.
Our sculptors have unique and advanced sculpture aesthetics and professional carving techniques. When making nature marble statues, they strictly follow every step to make. The sculpture details are all hand-carved by the sculptor, and after repeated revisions, they are vividly displayed. The black marble statue. Our company has completed many excellent works. Whitestone with a gray or black texture is always a classic. Such as our completed black lion sculptures, black fountains, and so on.
Black marble is a stone that is close to dark and moody. It brings more drama when using it to make animal sculptures, fountain sculptures, or bathtubs. And it has many uses in decoration. This is one of the many reasons why many people prefer dark or black marble finishes.

After 30 years of feedback and investigation, Aongking has summarized the 10 most popular black marble statues.

1. Marble animal sculpture/lion black marble statue
With a black base and marble top in European style, this modern lion sculpture is a classic design, of course, it can also have the popular white marble selection.
Dark charcoal or black animal sculptures add a striking mark to space. It has attracted people’s attention, and when it is actually used, it will become the focal point of the corner in a certain corner.
Dark marble sometimes looks harsh and hard. However, the natural lines and modern style design add a soft texture, so it can attract eyeballs without appearing Gothic.
These rich marble tones are very suitable for the neutral tones of the cement base. Because the stone has natural characteristics that contrast sharply with cement. However, dark animal sculptures can also highlight the color space well. Black elements make other colors look more vivid in comparison. The charming garden scene is anchored by black lions, giving people a feeling of vitality.

2. Bathtub Black marble statue
Unlike the lion’s black marble statue, the bathtub is usually the central focus of the bathroom space in daily life. Dark moody natural stone bathtub. It lays the foundation for avoiding a complicated life and obtaining a quiet and relaxing scene.
Even if I just plan to spend a lazy Sunday night alone. Natural stone bathtubs can also make the bathroom look cozier. Regardless of today’s stone decoration trend, black and white marble adds fashion and artistic flavor.

3. Black marble fountain/ Horse Black marble statue fountain
If you want to add a touch of natural agility in front of the door of your own villa or in the back garden. You can try the stone horse fountain with a rich natural texture. It can be perfectly matched with green, gray, or white garden elements. It can also be well-matched with rich natural lawn colors such as navy or emerald. This stone horse fountain is used as an outdoor ornament, accompanied by the sound of water. While obtaining a brisk appearance, it can show more natural effects. Imagine that in your garden, there is flowing water and natural stone ornaments. What a wonderful feeling.

4. Black decor/ Bench Black marble statue
The dark stone benches bring a real sense of gravity to space. You can skip the decorative art and let the more practical stone bench speak. The polished white natural stone stool legs will reflect more light to provide a greater sense of depth.

5. Black sculpture decor/female Black marble statue -bust
Who said the room must be white? The dark stone female statues are perfectly matched with the dark cabinets. You can use a light-colored back cabinet and some shimmering metal decorations to break the dark atmosphere. If you want to reduce the drama, you can try the stone female statues with various white and gray tones, coupled with the classic white floor. Adding an artistic atmosphere to the corners of some empty living rooms, making the appearance airier, will have a pleasant kitchen atmosphere, which is both classic and unusual.
You can also try to place this type of female Black marble statue next to the desk or in the corner of the main living room. Their performance will make this corner eye-catching. For the pursuit of art and a balanced budget. These female artistic stone sculptures are also a good choice.

6. Modern art swimming pool decor/art Black marble statue
The water splash in the swimming pool will make a big splash, but you need to get a more durable accessory. Art Black marble statues are worthy of consideration. Please install it vertically, and it can be in contact with the water in the swimming pool. The marble texture of this artistic sculpture is more clearly visible, almost like a work of art.
Similarly, in order to balance the budget and obtain a softer appearance, dark stone can be used as a decorative backsplash, such as behind a stove or sink, or in a small female stone statue area, and the rest of the walls use ordinary tiles. If you want to buy stone slabs for female stone statues, there may be some materials left, and you can use them as decorations, basically without any additional costs.

7. Classic character sculpture/Four Seasons Goddess Black marble statue
The Four Seasons Goddess sculpture is suitable for real estate landscapes, real estate, sales departments, yards, and so on. This group of European-style figure sculptures is an eternal theme in the sculpture itself. With the beautiful and unrestrained beauty of the West. Not only suitable for classical decoration. Also suitable for modern decoration… This is a relatively cheap flower sculpture. The black artistic elements belong to a major part of the entire group of sculptures. You can add some dramatic effects (especially use them on a white background).

8. Buddha Black marble statue
White has become a popular choice in the decoration industry because of its clean and refreshing appearance. But, what color can better reflect the tranquility? Of course, the black element is more appropriate.
The Buddha Black marble statue is definitely an artistic decoration that can extend the budget. Its sturdy decorative appearance is also timeless. Even if your residence is only a wall (or half a wall) space. The use of black Buddha statues can also construct a pious space for worship. This Buddha statue is a great ornament for indoor use. Because only a few, simple decorative elements are needed. A space for the soul can be constructed. This means you can get luxurious exterior decorations at a lower price.

9. Black marble statue Washbasin
Are you not ready to put a marble in the kitchen? Black marble vanity tops will not be like white tableware. Need to be cleaned frequently.

10. Indoor table Décor/ Black marble statue bust
Finally, I have to mention the classic decoration on the table, the bust. This kind of portrait decoration with rich emotions. Plus the use of black on the table looks grander and deeper. Very good at expressing a clear focus. The Black marble statue bust will match the visual weight of the interior and will not affect the dominance of other decorations. The dark marble material is the perfect anchor for the face or portrait of a real person. You can add some classic character decoration lines, or customize a portrait that is deep in your memory, which will have a clear feeling forever. Aongking can customize portrait sculptures for you.